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iPhone Deals at Cricket

The first pre-paid iPhone is now available through the popular cell phone carrier, Cricket. The iPhone, of course, has been available for many months through the big three carriers, but these all came with required contracts. Now that Cricket is offering the iPhone, the ease of getting and using Apple’s iPhone has become much better. Starting June 22nd, 2012, the iPhone will be made available to the public through Cricket without the hassle of signing an expensive and lengthy contract.

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Why You Need a Cell Phone

Today, a cell phone is a must. Whether you use it for work matters or just to see what your friends are up to on Facebook, your cell phone is an essential part of your day. This is why it’s important that your cell phone is able to keep up with you. You want to have a phone that fits in and enhances your daily life. You don’t want a phone that is going to slow you down or distract you, either. Going with the right cell phone requires a bit of research, luckily we’ve done the work for you. … Read More

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Cell Phone Data Plans

If you own a smart phone, you probably take for granted the speed and bandwidth of your mobile device. But cell phone providers work hard to make sure that your phone sends and receives their messages properly and in a timely fashion. As more people enter the smart phone market, guaranteeing the quality of service that you are used to is going to become much more difficult. If things keep progressing as they have been without change, the spectrum, which currently has a surplus of 225 MHz for 2011, will be running a deficit of 275 MHz by 2014. In … Read More

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iPhone 4S – S is for Surprise

The newest iPhone has some amazing features. Set for release in October of 2011, the new iPhone 5—or as some are referring to it as, the iPhone 4S comes with a HD screen, allowing its users to see images more clearly than ever before possible on a cell phone. The iPhone 4S has some other unique features as well. It will allow video chat on both 3G and 4G networks. Prior to this, the video chat was only available on WiFi. Chat between Apple devices will also be much easier. If that’s not enough, the new phone also has a … Read More

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Brand New Kindle Fire

On November 15th, 2011, Amazon will release a cutting edge piece of technology. The Kindle Fire, a color enhanced improvement to the Kindle, is one of the most high tech ebook readers in the market. This reader is Amazon’s next generation of technology when it comes to hand held devices—it does far more than store ebooks. You can watch videos and movies, play games, and listen to music on the Kindle Fire. With its high resolution touch screen, you can access and download the movies and songs you want to hear from almost anywhere with its free wi-fi connection. Amazon’s … Read More

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AT&T Free Overnight Shipping

You heard it here. You only have a few days left, but with a Free overnight shipping, a waived activation fee, you have nothing to lose. This is how you find cheap deals at AT&T. You have to be willing to commit to a two year contract, but other that that you are all set. Free overnight shipping and waived activation on all new customer and add a line AT&T Wireless orders. Valid 09.09.2011 to 09.12.2011. Restrictions apply.

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Apple Going Against Samsung

When you are the top dog, everyone wants to be like you or at least take your ideas in one way or another. Apple is looking to sue Samsung over Iphone and Ipad patent issues. Apple is trying to block all sales of the Galaxy S smartphones while going after $1.3 million in damages. Seems like a drop in the bucket for these two, but a halt on the Samsung phone will cause a lot of longer term issues which will end up costing them even more. It’s always interesting to see what big headed dragons do to each other.

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Cricket Wireless Upcoming Promotions

Just when schools get back in session the best plans for your needs come out. Cricket Wireless just announced their latest promotions for fall. These are some deals you can’t let go by if you are in need of a new phone plan. Listed below will give you a small sample. Cricket, has no contracts, credit checks, fees for overages or activation and overnight shipping is always free! Cricket offers a wide variety of the latest cell phones that support Mobile Web, games, ringtones and more. We also offer several Android® Smartphones for under $100. Pair that with a monthly … Read More

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$.01 Sale on Samsung Captivate!

Here’s a pretty good deal from AT&T that only offers a couple of days. You need to jump on it Now. You pretty much get a free phone in the deal. Talk about a Cheap Cell Phone Special Get the Samsung Captivate for $.01* (on sale from $49.99) at AT&T. *2yr agreement and restrictions apply. Valid 08.30.11 – 09.02.11.

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Cell Phones are Here to Stay

If you haven’t noticed by now, Cell Phones are here for the long haul. They’ve only gotten faster, smarter and our favorite part, Cheaper. Yes, you can pay a ton for a new phone, but with so many Cell Phone Service providers it is hard to miss out on a deal. I’ve been a cell user for over 15 years, and it is quite amazing how they have changed what I do on a daily basis. I remember when data came to my Nextel phone. I was in awe by the football scores I was receiving on my phone. This … Read More

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